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   The M.D.’s Weight and Wellness Center, P.A. is a medical practice devoted to improving each of our patient’s current health status with particular emphasis on weight maintenance or weight loss to avoid, greatly improve or eliminate the myriad of health problems attributable to an individual being overweight or obese. Indeed two thirds of the American population are overweight or obese. A former Surgeon General of the United States identified obesity as the second most serious health problem in the Country second only to smoking!

   Care is individualized for each patient addressing present health problems, physical fitness -particularly cardiovascular, weight, diet composition - particularly calories, macronutrients and micronutrients and hormonal status.

   The ultimate goal is for each of those for whom we care to develop the skills and behaviors to reach and maintain her/his optimal state of weight, wellness, health and fitness.

Our Care Includes:
  • Individual and private consultation at each visit

  • Comprehensive weight and wellness assessment via medical history, physical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing individualized for each patient

  • Computerized body analysis at each visit

  • Development of a wellness and weight improvement plan with particular attention to weight loss, diet, physical activity, hormonal status as well as current and past health disorders

  • Appropriate use of FDA approved weight loss medications if necessary and desired

  • Bioidentical hormones if appropriate and desired

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