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Weight Loss Medication

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a variety of medications specifically for weight loss. When medically appropriate and properly selected, these medications can play an important role in successful weight loss and are frequently used by patients of The M.D.'s Weight & Wellness Center, P.A. Their greatest value is realized when they are utilized in conjunction with appropriate macro and micro nutritional intake, hormonal control and appropriate physical activity. As with all medicines, their suitability and effects may vary from person to person. For this reason, they are best prescribed and their use supervised by someone extremely knowledgeable regarding their benefits, alternatives, contraindications and risks. Dr. Baker and Amy Harper, APRN possesses such expertise and will utilize their knowledge and clinical skills to determine if one or more is/are appropriate for you. If such is the case, after discussing it with you including counseling regarding the intended benefits, alternatives and associated risks, they will provide you with a prescription for the chosen medication and ongoing medical supervision while you are taking it. Please note however, that such medications although frequently valuable aids in weight loss, are not the ultimate solution. The critical factors for sustained success are dietary control (not deprivation!), appropriate physical activity and effective management of the individual’s associated health problems if any.


Unapproved and unnecessary medications, injections and other questionable and potentially harmful “fad” treatments are neither condoned by nor utilized within this medical practice.